Who are We

SAJ Consulting Services, LLC is a Business Consulting, Coaching, and Training, in communication and leadership development, organization. We help businesses, non-profit organizations, communities and individuals accomplished their business goals and professional aspirations through strategic planning, training and leading effective projects and operations. So that businesses, organizations and individuals live and lead with passion and purpose.


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop business leaders, businesses, communities and individuals to lives and lead with passion for their purpose; we do this through business management consulting, training, coaching and strategic business development planning.


SAJ Consulting Services LLC with in conjunction with associate team members to accomplish our purpose. Our in house experience includes working with, and for major Wall Street Fortune 500 Companies, Investment companies, city councils, universities, community organizations, churches and individuals, including MBA students at PACE University and the Small Business Administration in New York City, around the country and internationally. We work as a team to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We have 30+ years of high-level executive experience helping businesses communities and individuals operate, live and lead passionately.

We work smart and hard for you, with insight and strategies to help you accomplish you purpose.


Office: (440) 497-0172


201 E Fairview Avenue Suite 101-B Connellsville, PA 15425



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